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When i was in Nepal in the Spring of 2004 i suffered a very bad tooth pain and had to go to a local dentist. He said i needed a root canal. The pain was so much that i consented to it. When they looked at the tooth, the anomaly that is Anthony was evident on their face; by his and his assistant's body language i knew things were askew. 
The "Anthony Anomaly" is exactly as it sounds; things are not as quite straight forward or as simple as they seem to look, to be. In fact, the underlying "thing" is always very, very tough; very unique, event unexpected from first glance. And that "thing" can only be understood or addressed by the best of the best...a true expert. At times even the expert can not overcome the phenomena. When those times come, one just has to move beyond; file the un-understanding away to a place when and where a future understanding will address said phenomenon. 
They did what they did at that clinic in the capital city; and now in the Fall of 2011 the good folks at the New York University Dentistry school gave it their best...
Up on the 7th floor, where the advance cases, or rather challenging dental cases, are attended to. There even the great Dr. Liu could not undo to do what the Kathmandu dentists couldn't do.
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When i was in that city, near the top of the world, they were in turmoil. 
The Maoist were at their end throws of the Napali Civil war that had been going on since the late 1990's. 
It is known that tourist are quite safe in situations where upheaval is afoot; however tourist money, especially 
American dollars are all important to any economy...The Dollar, world-wide, is king. 
So i felt quite save under the Napal battles of 2004. In fact, it was interesting witnessing the city skirmishes between labor forces and the military forces at the time. It was more like an American Indian game of tag...Where you had the military beating at the protesters as they retreated; then the protesters advanced moving the police forces back. It was all being played out on a giant field. I didn't witness what was happening in the countryside with arms being discharged and all.
It was interesting to see a march where you have folks not of the culture raising banners and placards in support of the Maoist. It seemed like folks wanted to be "on the right side of history" as the saying goes. I didn't see any tourist or expatriates hurling materials at the authorities, though some were clearly marching for the cause.
As a matter of fact, i find it somewhat bewildering for someone outside of the (fight) culture taking part in the front lines of others battles. It seems to me, since the United States involves itself in so many global conflicts, it is best to do your battling on your home turf. Certainly one should not be throwing rocks and such in a land far away from the source protectorate of a conflict. 
This is why it is stupid, and even counter-productive for students attending a university in another land to physically involve themselves in action the locals are perfectly capable of handling themselves.
Don't get me wrong. One has to stand-up for justice...I've marched, attended rallies, and promoted AudioDrama pieces against the xenophobic violence that took place in South Africa in the past years; however these were expressions of concern, not active violence against persons doing the bidding of regressive or even oppressive forces.
When all is said and done, even if one feels themselves to be a "universal citizen," it is still pretty arrogant to think you can add your action in such direct ways as to injury a citizen of a country to which you are a guest.
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I was on a computer in an office at WBAI trying to reformat and print out a portion from the script AudioDrama script we are to use as a blueprint to perform from. Also in the office was a group of folks from the Occupy Wall Street movement. They were working on an idea involving/revolving around Thanksgiving and eating the rich, specifically the mayor of New York City, Mike Bloomberg. I suggested they not be so specific with the name and use the term blooming-brid instead of being so specific to one person; as Bloomberg was merely representative and representing the interest of his masters. They considered it and rejected it. 
I was too busy to take time to attempt to debate all the reasons why one should not take such an in-your-face approach; especially coming from a movement which has be so very successful specifically because we have no specific person Representative or specific issue to demonize or compromise. (Besides it was only my opinion; and i am about to leave this  epicenter of the fray, returning to Cape Town in less than two weeks.) 
This entire movement has permeated into so many arena it doesn't really matter what any individual or group comes up with as a tactic. Some will be more poignant that others, some will have a wider effect that others. Our AudioDrama will have a core theme tethered to the movement; and i see from the Internet there is a move afoot from some primal nations attending the Climate talks in Durban, South Africa to Occupy the talks.
The spirit of this movement is finding its human force -- in a global humanity. This is a most exciting time. 
(And dentist notwithstanding)
...a time to achieve the heretofore seemingly impossible. 
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