We ain't through yet...Believe it!

The critical mass is almost upon us. The most interesting aspect of this going toward world-wide upheaval toward universal justice is the nature of its spread. City squares and college campuses are always at the fore; but when small towns get to talking...well, then you have another matter. A shifting that can not be unshifted no matter what the supposers to a throne contend to pretend. 

The writing was on the Wisconsin walls last winter. 
(For the first time, i was proud to be an American; and not just a revolutionary Black American.)
...When my fellow North Americans started rising up, i at first couldn't really believe it. 
The North American middle class traditionally always preferred a couch and a television to braving harsh elements. 
The North American middle class, of all racial and political stripe, has always watched as the powers that pretend to be bludgeoned the lower economic "canary's-in-the-cage" expendables. Those on the bottom rungs could/would always be demonized and called names. The economic middle class always had faith in an upward mobile societal lottery. They always thought (had faith) the prize surely someday would spin their way. 
I remember growing up in the Projects and the numbers guy would come around to take bets from the various families of our community. My projects, the Patterson Projects, in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx was truly unique for its time. Our congressman was the great Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Most of what is now called entitlement programs, the social and safety-net programs that have been attacked for the last 20 years or so, were championed by Powell. And just as Rev. Dr. Powell was being dethroned in the very early 1970's an interesting "canary" moment was afoot. The New York State lottery system was finally taking hold. This meant essentially the "Numbers racket" was now above board and legal. 
A viable economic infrastructure in underclass communities evaporated. As that nail was being hammered down, community support programs were disappearing, as well as affordable dwellings. Drugs, which were unleashed in these underclass communities the decade before now became less expensive. These dependency substances also became much more affordable and available; especially to the newly mobile Black middle class. The Black economic middle hid it's falling spiral from the world. Hid to the extent that when they looked up they were being dredged of their future prosperity.
They, the New Black Middle Class, would not fight for their own right to exist. 
What we see currently, in these United States of North America; is the rising up, the speaking up, the acting out of a mostly white middle class. The American middle class, of all stripe has witnessed the suffocation of the recently formed/created less fortunate, the recently thrown-downtrodden; and they are rising up and taking to the streets with their dissatisfaction(s). They are taking to the streets because they clearly see that the saying "All but the grace of God..." is not really in God's hand, but their own. The entire world may believe in a higher power; however they act on principle. 
Principles much higher than that of the .001% of the 1% who have, and continue to corrupt, the very corruptible people voted-into-power as Representatives. "They" have gone hog-wild, in their maniacal grasping to hold on to what they believe is their God wrested right, as they continue to continue their onslaught. 
I wrote my friend Yuesen to ask her how she was fairing in these times; knowing she had ties in both Atlanta and the Bay Area. This is what she wrote back:
Yes, these ugly people has gotten even uglier since your email.  I was not at the park that night.  The crackdown started right after the 16 mayors' conference call - they are learning from OWS/other progressives to band together, shugs!  Not surprised Atl started the attacked first,then East Bay & New York....Amy's been doing a fantastic job covering the attacks, as usual!
They think they have the way to continue their conquest. They are very, very wrong. 
We have principle, and determination...and yes, as Yuesen has said, Democracy Now!
DN! had their producer/reporter, Sharif Abdel Kouddous, on from Egypt this morning. 
(I was actually in the studios; visiting my ex-colleagues...)
He gave a heart wrenching report:
The Wisconsin up-risers had a saying (we all should adopt), on many of here signs: Walk Like An Egyptian.

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