Towards the Eventual End(s)

As i come to the end of my time here in the Northern Hemisphere i am also realizing i am fast approaching the end of a tour i started in November of 2003 --The Unsequestered Monk Tour - -- a journey of inner searching(s), coupled with outer wandering(s). 

It has been  a little over eight years since i had the notion to walk the planet as an urban>rural monk. One who exists to do good; to not stand in one's own way. One who reads the signs of the day's road(s) in efforts to parlay a righteous existence toward a coding for living in strife-filled world. 
Which is to note Cape Town as a near perfect place to base this (my) living experiment. 
Entering this final year, i find that i am so into this journey of creativity and self-discipline i am unwilling to accept the end light i see on the horizon of 2012...the logical, chronological time period i had first set out in 2003...for an ending next November, is still valid; my evolved desire is to extend, even intensify the intent of the tour for another three years beyond next years' date to July off 2015, when i next plan to visit these shores of North America.
There are several reasons for this adjustment. 
First, and foremost, is that it is what i am feeling at this exact moment; what i am feeling to be right. The right course of continued action in my quest to better navigate and understand my current missionary goal on the planet. A goal that includes the advancement of modern AudioDrama as the most dynamic form of cultural expression in the past century. A further goal concerning the healing of ones body, mind and, most importantly...spirit --vis-a-vie-- fundamental (humane) philosophy.
The next reason(s) have to do with numerology, that is to say, i am emerging from a 5 personal year this year. 5 is the number for the kick starting of ventures attempted before... As i go back to Cape Town, Pan African Space Station (PASS) awaits in, what i am told, is a new configuration, so...
Also Numerologically speaking, i will be entering a 6 personal year - good for teaching and learning; Then in 2013 i will be in a 7 personal year - vibing with the spiritual, bringing me to, in 2014, a year good for personal prosperity, and finally 2015 - the year for me to embrace completions and sheddings. 
So say the numbers....
I figure it will take this coming year to finally get my (special skills) Permanent Residency status sorted; and for me to settle into a routine conducive to my continued healing and "heightened" awareness to all things possible within my sphere.
Lofty; yes... Achievable; also yes....
I learned, and have done so much this trip; it's practically trippin' me out...
Spending time with family, and once again realizing what a dynamic team my sister and me make, is always joyful. That, and witnessing a beginning metamorphosing of my niece's consciousness.
Hanging with my fraternity brother, Buddy, a riveting intellectual, was really great.
Seeing and spending time around friends, and ex-lovers, was also joyous this time around.
Hanging with my two best friends-for-life, was also really wonderfully great.
Beginning work on The Opera - Elegba, for my theatre company was fruitful; and who knows, it may bring me back to the States before the four years (...well, three and a half) i plan to spend on this next phase of my development.
Once again, as always, supporting the fundraising drives and doing programming at my beloved WBAI was more than great this time; as the experience of producing and directing a live AudioDrama was a huge achievement, further solidifying my position as one of the world's top audio dramatists working the discipline as a live spectacle.
The upping my exercise routine, along with the medical and dental checks were essential...
And leave us not forget to mention the gifts received, fine garments acquired, technical gadgets, et al... 
i will be bringing back to an adjusted South African reality.
Deep in It
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