To Busy for Words

What a time(s) it is becoming. 

I've been walking here and there; through hill and dale...Been super busy, but loving it. 
So the powers-that-be think (PO-PO) S.WA.T. / Shock  / Storm Troopers can stop a movement, kill an idea...
Shame they can't think straight / cycular. Probably too much mace in their own face. 
Oh well...i'll just have to continue to monitor the situation as i have way too much to do right now. 
*******   *******   *******
Pulling off a live modern AudioDrama is no small task...even for one of my experience in the field.
But it is going well.
Been experimenting with more different and spontaneous forms of marketing. But i won't have a clearer picture of what is what until this weekends rehearsals.
The thing is; folks who have worked with me before are basically going..."Oh, this is going to be interesting; i'm there, keep me posted." 
While others want all sorts of clarifications. 
*******   *******   *******
It's been very enlightening; walking both the West side and East side of Manhattan...this hilly place (not as hilly as the Bronx...). And where there are hills there must be dales. The West side is being developed at a rapid rate; not so much the East side yet, but one can see what is in it is very interesting watching the Brooklyn skyline as it develops toward a true rival to Manhattan.
The enlightenment comes from noticing the different pockets of people and there actions/reactions. 
The West side of Manhattan (from about 130th Street) has a lot more runners, cyclist, and general 'movers' along the path... Well until you get down to the heart of the tourist area -- 45th Street; then you have what you would expect from out-of-towners...lots of looking around, seemingly, aimlessly... This goes on down past Chelsea Piers (gotta appreciate the Law and Order Way sign...) and onto to some extent, the rest of the path that leads to the Financial Center...or is it Centre... (this going back and forth in my mind with English and American spelling is tiresome) ...No matter what, doesn't the Dutch and British banking set-up still ultimately control the underlying monetary and financial situations in the world? 
A-ach, i'm just an Audiodramatist...what do i know?
Yesterday, i did stray from the West side path and when onto the new and expanding elevated path, just West of 10th Avenue, called The High Line. It's a concrete elevated path with flora on each side of the (approx. 6 foot wide) walkway with recesses for small interestingly designed benches. I also learned why, though i had guessed on my 9 mile walk on the past weekend, the drinking water fountains spouted on agua...
The fountains are shut off for the winter.
(I must say New York is almost rivaling my favorite walking city in the world: Barcelona.)
I got on the expanse at 30th Street (...didn't want to go past Law and Order Way...yesterday), 
and got off at 23rd Street, a few blocks before The Desmond Tutu Conference Center (...they have no confusion with the spelling...).
I got off at 23rd Street with the intent of walking across to the NYU Dental facility and my corrective root canal session. But i got waylaid by the Public Library right before you get to 7th Avenue...Stopped in to read the Amsterdam News weekly newspaper of last week. They listed the Adelco (Black Theatre Awards) nominees. I talked to David last night, and since he didn't win (this year) his usual sound design award....
There is some drama around my remaining molar on the bottom left quadrant....
Can't go into it now as i have to get to Physical Therapy at the VA...and just hours after that back to the Dental folks i go for the cleaning/scaling of the right side of my mouth. 
So much to do, so little time as right after the dentist "visit" i will be meeting with David about the opera piece we are working on; then i have to check on stuff for the AudioDrama....
What Doesn't Kill...
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