Soup and Saving ones own Life pt.1 addendum

It's the official first day of Winter here in Cape Town. Winters in Cape Town are rather nice. People think it's cold; it's not. I constantly point out to folks the fact that if you are not wearing gloves; it's not cold. But i understand. Hot water bottles are in high demand this time of year all over South Africa. I used to go to Montreal in December. (Love that city-village.) After a week or three, when i got back to my digs in New York City in January, i would be thoroughly acclimated; while others suffered the winter cold bite.

Went to bed my regular early time last night (9:30) after a chat with my next door neighbors here in Parow Valley. I go to bed early because i like to wake up early. First-Light is my absolute favorite time of day. When i was living in Delray Beach, Florida i had a morning ritual where i walked to its beach to catch First-Light as i did my prayer and meditation and exercise. It was a wonderful time of my life, when i rented a room from Miss Essie and Miss Bessie, to very elderly women. Because of that living situation i did very little dating and was doing a lot of reading and writing at the time. The community used to call me the professor because i always had a book in my hand and quite often would read while walking.

Anyway, it seems i am repeating that cycle now as i walk the Valley that is Parow here in Cape Town, South Africa. It is a good, even great thing.

So i wake up Thursday morning and think i need a sweet (red) onion for a salmon salad i wanted to make as well as lemon for my morning concoction of warm water, ginger, cayenne pepper...i'm leaving out the honey for the time-being; have to really clean out the old respiratory system. And... Oh snap...hold on, hold right back. Have to talk to my dis-eased former college-mate regarding some instruction a gave him the other day.

Hey Man,

...almost forgot; When you find a tree root to sit on for requesting help in your healing, the tree should be at least 20 minutes from your home or whatever base you will be operating from. This will assure you walk a brisk 40 minutes when you visit "your" tree. This walking should be as a walking meditation with breathing release of "negative" (or "waste")energy and taking in of good energy (vibrations). More on all this at another time.

Stay strong...continue to be well.......anthony

Okay, i'm back. But not for long as i have to get to the Cape Town library -- a guest poet is presenting at 11am. I want to be there early enough to enjoy the space. I love that library. It's one of the best i have experienced in all my travels. Absolutely beautiful structure.

So where was i? Oh yeah, the getting an onion and lemon. Now, i can just go to the corner store for these things. But the walk to the Fruit and Veg City store will take me about 20 minutes, and it is a pleasant Cape Town sunny winter day...yeah. However i find out there are no red onions to be found. So instead i wander into the huge Shoprite city complex and pick up a brand of low fat fruited yoghurt made with free range milk. Yes, it is cow's milk and it does have Gluten...(We'll discuss all that in another post.) I also pick up dried cranberries which i will add to the building of my fruit, nut and chocolate covered things mix i constantly build and add to whenever i find interesting things to add (i.e. dark chocolate covered ginger balls).

I get back to the house and realize i didn't pick up the lemon. (No jokes about old people and memory challenges, please.) So i go to the corner store to get the lemon, and while i'm there i think to make soup. So i also get a large chunk of white pumpkin, a small butternut squash, and one medium sized sweet potato.

At home i mix my morning drink concoction, then get this inspiration to chop up the portion of lemon lemon rind i used for the drink and marinate in a bit of lemon juice and grated ginger. I let that stand as i boil the soup in water with cayenne pepper and a couple of bay leaves. As that is boiling a put the marinating stuff in the blender with a couple of ounces of canned coconut milk i have stored in glass jar, emulsifier and all... When the boiling makes the roots soft enough i begin adding them to the blender. Back they go into the pot with white pepper and a dash of mountain pressed salt and wa-la...a fine creamy soup for the first day of winter in Cape Town. Nice.

Eat your Soup

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