So Much To Do

This weekend is a very busy one for me. Starting Friday night i expect to get a working draft from Creative Unity of the AudioDrama we will present on the 25th. At midday on Saturday i'll be meeting with my Theatre Company partner to further dramaturge the Opera we are working on...later that night i'm looking forward to meeting about the marketing of the AudioDrama.

But the big thing will be the opening re-re-re opening of my dance club, Club Shelter:
Amazingly, i am actually in town for this event. I love this House music club, with one of the best sound systems on the planet. 
This is the dance club that gave me the therapy i needed when i had my defining job of Arts Director at WBAI. 
This is the dance club i went to 4 months after a debilitating accident in which i was in a neck brace for a year; a time when i could only exert myself for 20 minutes at a time...i still danced with my dance partner, neck brace and all.
And, i'm really going to need this form of respite as i will be going to the club after a day of activism. 
This is the announcement i sent out in an email blast i sent to my people(s):

Distribute freely to all who may be interested.

No response needed for this communique; Show up at prescribed time(s) and join me...if you will.

Participants can join and/or leave the walk at any point along the path.



Join in a Silent Walk (stroll) down the Westside of Manhattan

from Fort Washington Park at Riverside walkway - entrance 158th Street at Henry Hudson Parkway , Down the Westside to Murray Street overto Liberty Square at Zuccotti Park...The (Occupy Wall Street) Movement's epicenter for the world-wide movement of planetary alteration(s) concerning Human Economic (and other) conditions.


Sunday, November 13th beginning at Noon.

There will be a half hour stretch at 11:30am

How long:

5 to 6 hour Silent walk down Manhattan Waterfront Greenway path

Signs and such...:

Participants (Silent Walkers/Strollers) can bring: Signs for silence; for Economic Justice

Estimated times of arrival after 12:00 noon start at 158th Street:

1:00pm - St Clair Place (125th Street)

2:30pm - 79th Street Boat Basin

3:00pm - 66th Street Rest Stop

4:00pm - 42nd Street

5:00pm - West Houston Street

6:00pm - Murray Street

6:30pm - Liberty Square

-- Note: I will begin my silence after making a salute in front of the North Presbyterian Church activities center at 155th Street between Amsterdam and Broadway (Harlem's Sugar Hill)... this is where the New York City Mission Cadet Corps was housed; and where i came of 'manly' age after "crossing the burning sands" at the age of 15. I will hold the silence throughout the walk/stroll; even as i pass the Liberty Square site, until reaching the current base of WBAI (the radio outlet which helped me to developed my style of AudioDrama) at 120 Wall Street...where my silence will be broken.


Anthony J. Sloan
AudioDrama Denizen

"I follow no one; and i seek no followers."

This Silent Walk was thought of actually before my coming to New York on September 1st. One of the things i wanted to do was a "reverse walk;" ode to a legend around my great grandfather and his brother walking from the Battery to Harlem on a regular basis.
When the Occupy Wall Street movement started to gain notice and notoriety in the middle of September, i thought i would suggest to the movement a silent walk as a sort of break from the usual chanting and banging...
As things turned out, even the OWS needed a bureaucracy to embrace my idea...So i just sent the email and will walk myself, and whoever want to join the walk now has a idea of when i will pass their area. 
This Way Again
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  1. georgiacassell

    Glad to know that you will be reopening your dance club. It might be busy and tough for you now, but in the end it will be all worth it. Your show on 25thof this month sure is going to be great and I am sure all your hard work will be paid. Thanks for sharing this information and best research paper writing help services share information on other shows as well.

    December 05, 2016