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So there was this book launch for a book reflecting the realities of Africa through a radio perspective.
Interestingly enough it was hosted by The Centre for Conflict Resolution, housed at the University of Cape Town.
The book is called Radio in Africa.

I attended in my capacity as the progenitor of NOMMO Radio. I was a typical book launch, in the typical set-up, with the typical presentations, with the typical questions answered...and i even did the typical Anthony thing and made a point that was poo-poohed by a member of the panel but privately wondered about after the event by several folks that approached me afterward.

More on that in a bit...
What i did come away with was the realization that and book written on existing technology will only live in academia as reference materials for the history of that technology. The world is moving entirely too fast to have time to engage the technology of the moment as the moment becomes the past sooner than bygone eras.
It's a book that needed to be gathered and written for historic as well as academic purposes.


 But here was my point. I challenged the panel on their assertion that radio stations were as vibrant as ever by pointing out existing technology will cause (especially) community radio to become almost personal, and celebrity (re: Brand) driven radio.

What is going to happen is that Internet or digital transmissioning is going to cater to every taste, making niche the barometer pointing listeners from the hosting WEB site through a portal to their Nirvana of the moment.
I believe, and can see, someone like a (say Samuel L.) movie personage having someone in his entourage up-linking (via the likes of a Barix Exstreamer box) the music, musings, interviews and insights as he goes from situation to situation in his entertainment life.
He would have his own playlist being updated as he will and that would be shared with whoever was listening.
He has enough money and connections to have a server to serve the many who would be attacted to his stream.
And as even servers come down in price, more "common" folks would be able to partake.

Actually, the Internet right now is like early radio, as it is a free to listen (watch/use) medium; just like when radio started in the depression era.
All it has to do now is yield to the technology that would make it...

Free(er) to Broadcast 
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