pre-amble to the "Saving ones own Life" series

Hey Man,

Got the letter at the beginning of the week.
In the midst of composing an answer to send a snail mail back.

Let me answer the health part that way. As for the other stuff; 'bai does not have screening and such. There is no phone id. (But technology moves fast in these modern times so a system may be in place since last i was at the station in December.) I used to get through all the time when i was doing the T (from thePatterson's takingthetraintoTibet.) street guerrilla calling into WLIB, WWRL even 'bai back in the early 80's by simply timing the last phone call to disengage. One can get quite good at it.

The problem with some regular callers is they tend to act as if the program they are calling in on is actually their program.
They even will say something like "Hi everybody..."
Radio is an interesting medium in that the true art lies in the fact that the presenter should actually take the position of talking to only one person rather than talking to an audience. (See radio pioneer Arthur Godfrey)

My real suggestion to you is not to call in at all unless the topic is really your field of expertise. I know it's hard but taking huge breaks is much better.

'bai has always had upheavals; i was notice during one purging when Black women and others where kicked off the air in the early 80's. Then there was another attack in the late 80's; in fact there exist a photo and Village Voice story featuring a bunch of us. We called ourselves the 'Concerned Producers.' And of course you know about the (what i call) "Early Century" attempted coup d'etat.

I want to answer your health situation in my Blog this weekend. When i do i will send you the writing. I won't mention your name in the post.

I respect the fact you sent the letter, and i want to give it my full attention...It's just that i am going through a really shocking situation right now concerning my association with a project i have been working on for the last 5 years.
...That plus this is the time of year i try to chill and do as little as possible owing  to the fact that it is with in the 52 day time period the Rosicrucians call ones critical cycle.

Meanwhile you stay well...and get better.......anthony

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