One Last thing on Politics

JB and me have far reaching and thoughtful conversation(s). He teaches at a Community College in St. Louis; after a long career in casino law. He was explaining to me, this past weekend, about how people are just glued to the spewing mill that is Fox News and the like, like the Wall Street Journal... Folks just refuse to look elsewhere for information.

Americans have Walt Disney 'lemming-ed' themselves.

One point i didn't get to make in our discourse was that the United States of North America in its popular consciousness currently has been manipulated to such a degree that even the Chief guy in charge is full of so much fear that he has acquiesced to forces that has made him unrecognizable to his core constituents. So i sent JB this email just minutes ago:

Forgot to mention this:
Mitt Romney will beat Obama, because Mitt is "Obama White."
...I won't elaborate the obvious.

Stating the Obvious

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