Never a Dull Moment

The call went out. I sat down with Kathy and this missive went to the producers of my beloved 'BAI:

Greetings Producers, friends and colleagues, 
    Our Arts Director Emeritus Anthony Sloan, is visiting from from his current abode in South Africa where he teaches audio drama at the University of Cape Town and uses the form in various groups in townships around Cape Town and is the production manager/ program director for the Pan African Space Station (PASS) an internet based music, cultural initiative out of Cape Town:
    This Friday, Nov. 25th Anthony will conduct an original live performance audio drama, especially written for WBAI by BAI's own Creative Unity Collective.  This live performance will include producers and staff of the station and will broadcast live over the air. We need your participation and expertise for this fun night of fund raising for our eventual move from Wall Street. 
    The admission is $15, which includes a lite meal and 50/50 raffle. Their are no comps. Hopefully you will join me in paying the $15 which ultimately goes to serve the station. The ticket proceeds are earmarked specifically for the eventual move, which has to happen within two years.
    For those of you who have participated in one of Anthony's productions before, you know what a hoot it is. A fun time will be had by all.
    The structure of the performance includes audience participation. We need your expertise and point of view for the production entitled: Peace of the World(s).
    As the name suggests the production starts out with the modern world the way that it is and the climax is that peace has come to the planet. Your vision and insight will be improvised into the script that evening. 
(We will be filming and audio tapping for a future fund drive offering of the event)
This Friday November 25th doors open at 7 PM,
Broadcast begins at 8 PM,
Audio drama begins at 8:30 PM,
The performance is followed by Jay Smooth's "Underground Railroad" broadcasting live at 10 PM - featuring a special dance party til 1:00 AM.
You will not want to miss out!
Again that's Friday Nov 25th at: 56 Walker Street,
between Church St. and Broadway, 2 short blocks below Canal Street.
(# 1 train to Franklin or A,C,E train to Canal.)
Anthony's goal is to have this special occasion bring the producers and staff with friends and supporters together to help the station.
Please make a personal appeal on your programs.
If you are going to attend, please let your listeners know.
Many thanks and
Best regards,

Kathy Davis

So there it was, everything stated simply and clearly.
With this reaching 300 (more or less) people, and it being an eventual benefit for this historic media outlet, one would expect at the very least some curiosity in the project.
But that is not the way of the people who claim space on the airwaves of Pacifica station WBAI in New York.
The beaten down mentality of the station dictates that most all of the programmers take from the station, use the airwaves to give out narrowcasts they believe serve their sliver of an audience.

Having fun or being together in unfamiliar surroundings scares the bejeebers out of them...truly a tragic situation.
But that is the reality of things at the beloved 'BAI.
For me, three personal revelations were buttressed that evening... Nothing i didn't know to my core already, but every once in a while it's good to be reminded.
One is that i am, really and truly, a grand master of the form of live AudioDrama. (To be expected with over ..... years of toil in the field)
Two is that people step up and go beyond when the adrenalin factor is in full effect. (We go live to air in ..... minutes.)
Three is: Cooperation is much better than cooptation, but most folks don't know the difference. (You fill in the ..... blank)

So let us end this posting
the entire New York AudioDrama experience
with a response email i sent to Michael G. Haskings, the chief announcer for the beloved radio station.

On Sun, Nov 27, 2011 at 1:06 PM,  <<a href="" target="_blank">> wrote:



Hey Michael G.,

It's me T (from thePatterson's takingthetraintoTibet.)
Thanks so much for your kind words. I'll be writing something in my blog about the doubt.

Just wanted to take this little time to let you know that i really appreciated everyone who took part.
I must note here that i've never, ever in all my time doing modern live AudioDrama (since 1987), never had a "bad" experience. The form as i've worked with it throughout the years never ceases to amaze me, in terms of it's flexible and down-right creative nature.
It was truly a grand accomplishment to have the blueprint written into a script by all the participants there, on the spot, and executed to such a level of "professionalism."!
The thing that impressed me most about this particular production was the participants, each and everyone of us. It was truly magnificent to witness the amount of creativity from so many "normal," everyday people. As usual, a fun time was had by all...producers, staff, board member, random audience...the great musicians.
(And ya gotta love Graceon for working technical miracles...)

I have but two regrets; more station people did not show for this type of "arts therapy," and i didn't take a group photo at the end...i usually do, oh well.

Maybe another time when i can park myself at the station, things will be more fulfilling.

Be Well.......anthony

Peace of the World(s)...It was a real hoot!


Long Live AudioDrama

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