Music Break for the Cause

As 10s of thousands of people mass at Union Square on their way to Foley Square -- close to the African Burial Grounds... It is just a stone's throw north east of City Hall in the lower end of Manhattan....
I'm on my way there now. It is 8:20pm, and i have been in New Jersey most of the day. I am leaving now with a borrowed ipod with a whole lot of music on it. I'll be back...i hope.

******* ******* *******

Got back at 9:45pm. When i left the apartment building i'm crashing at while here in New York, i touched up the Condensate Album/CD-dvd/Project and began from the beginning with the opening selection -07ven intro- this is the cut that features Morris and Jerome visiting the Projects and talking about how things have gotten even worse...and how Morris always knew he was going to be somebody...

As i was headed to the subway the next cut, Strawberry Lake was pumping through the audio-technica, QuietPoint (ATH-ANC7), headphones i was wearing.
(Hey, i'm a snobby audiophile and don't see the point of ear buds.) The train was already at the platform when i swiftly got through the turnstile and got down the stairs the words of the song was talking about various countries and the continent of Africa. As the train pulled out i couldn't help but reflect on my day at Kean College in Union, New Jersey.
I had gone out to support and enjoy a lecture in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Africana Studies at that particular institution of "higher" education.
The guest speaker was unrequited Malcolmite Professor A. Peter Bailey; and his presentation lecture was titled "Manning Marable-Malcom X: a Lige ReInvented, a Response."

It was quite a talk, which basically put forth the view that all the "new" information, and even the so called comprehensiveness of the Marable book could be derived from the scholarly work of Zak Kando and Carl Evans. Similar to the track Roots author Alex Haley reflected; as his work could be found in the previously published historical novels of Frank Yerby ("The Dahomeyan") and Margaret Walker ("Jubille"). I'm going to try (can't promise) to put both Brother Bailey's talk, and the talk given the previous day by former NOMMO Radio resident historian Brother (Professor) James Small on YouTube before i leave the States.

I did get to ask Brother Bailey a question on a topic i had been trying to run down for many a year. It was said that there was to be a proposed non-aligned nations conference, similar to the 1954 Bandung Conference, in which Brother Malcolm and 'Che' Guevara were to be keynote speakers. Brother Bailey said that was indeed in the works; as Carlos Moore was in Paris putting together a youth conference...

On the train, i was dancing in the rhythmic train car to #Trendin from the CD as we pulled into 42nd Street and i transferred to the R train to go down to the City Hall stop and join the walk over the Brooklyn bridge. By the time i got down there the cut Role Play was on and the crowd of 40,000 strong had already done their bridge thing. In fact, the riot geared cops were chillin; even saw one fat guy sitting down ready to light up a cigarette. I walked around the City Hall grounds noticing pockets of people looking satisfied with their accomplishment(s).
...headed to the Park Place (IRT number 2, 3) train stop; and as i was entering the station, Cadillac was on the player. By the time i got back uptown, GoHomeToYoMan was winding up and i got off the train playing the Marvin (Steppin) remix of Let's Get It On, which took me to the front door of the apartment building.
Up in Arms
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