Happy New Year!

Wishing that we all land onto the destined path of all our souls in the physical form in some one way or another this year. I do not think that mother Earth can continue happily with her cells all wanting to each one do his or her thing without concern for unity of purpose. Hope you all entered the year well! Lots of love and light! It is the year that you know yourself.

Know your body and it's intricacies the same way you'd understand your car and whatever else soccer team you're a fan of. Then respect that body like you understand and respect those other external objects you can be so in awe of. What is your body’s petrol tank equivalent? Does your body’s petrol tank equiv also have a petrol tank filter equiv as well? Are those petrol tank equivs squeaky clean as you'd like your car's to be? Are you fuel efficient like you wish that car was? Find out what you need to do to keep yourself disease free without depending on some external God /god; pills, power or religion. You've been provided with every thing you need naturally and believe it or not, the most sophisticated object you will ever, and have ever, received is your body. Everything else is a replica. Respect your body, and the revolution will be won.


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