Going Home While Bridging the Divide

As usual i  arrived to the airport in plenty of time. (I think i actually like airports.)
My bag was pretty heavy, and the guy doing the cellophane wrap at JFK picked up my bag in such a way that the rucksack that zips onto the main part of the bag was dislodged. So i figured i would just take the nap sack with me as a carry-on with my other backpack. The airline didn't charge me for the extra weight, though i didn't really have enough money to pay for the extra anyway.

When going through the final airport security they confiscated the Arbonne shampoo i had in the dislodged bag. And i was looking so forward to using the excellent product. A protein power they make i brought just for Thulani because i am going into intensive body training with him. He is going for the Comrades Marathon of 2013. I am just working on my body in a somewhat vain attempt to stave off the effects of aging. I figure nothing beats a try but a failure, so i am working on reconfiguring my physique by building back the upper body strength i had when i was in High School and  working out on the High Bar. That semester when i got 100 in gym class...my dismounts were awesome, i must say. Helped me in diving off the spring board.
But, i digress...

I remember taking Emirates Airlines many years back, and i was sitting next to this African whose wife was a stewardess. He made the comment that it didn't make sense for the airport people to confiscate sharp instruments and all as all our meals came with silverware of good quality spoons, forks and serrated knives. It didn't make sense to me at the time either.

But it was a pleasant flight to the United Arab Emirates, where i would change planes after an eight hour lay over. I did a lot of reading and even recorded a little something in the transfer area that i later posted on YouTube. You can check it at:

Interestingly enough the leg from Dubai to Cape Town was pleasurable, but started out with a bit of the bad old days sensibility. At least that's how i read it. The plane was very full. I was in one of the back rows where it just changed from the five seats across the centre section to four seats. When we were being seated, joining me in my row what an Afrikaner couple -- and they looked like it...all beefed up and such. Well though i did try and engage them i pleasentries, they moved to another, more crowed row. I was join in my row by a guy who seemed to be Danish or such.
No lose to me. I enjoy racism sometimes.

We landed before time and Shepi with his teenaged son Malibongwe got there a bit after i had retrieved my bags --quicker than usual.
So i spent the next week at Shepi's place. It was a good move as since IDASA - Cape Town is no more (maybe i'll say something about that in another posting), and Shepi is without a job...
As it turned out a comrade from his Rhodes University days made an approach for media help surrounding the staging of this year's Cape Town Carnival, which is not in it's fourth year.

We worked on a proposal and in 5 days came up with this concise document:


The creation of a time sensitive, on-going, AudioDrama; building up to the Cape Town Carnival, (March 17) 2012.


This soap opera formatted AudioDrama will be aired Monday through Thursdays on Community and Internet based broadcast outlets, as well as, Mobile downloads beginning Monday, 16 January 2012.

·        Each episode will consist of 1-3 scenes totalling from 4 to 7 minutes for the aired episode.

·        A team of (1female voice/1male voice) presenting narrators will introduce and outro(duce) each episode.

Broadcast outlets will also have the option of using their own on-air personalities to read the intro/outro narrations.

·        A musical stinger(s) will be the identifying marker for the series.

We hope to have an entire musical score consisting of at least 9 compositions (9 original tracks) reflecting the spirit of the Cape Town Carnival whose “flavour” is of the sensibilities garnered in the Cape populace.

(We would like the entire daily presentation to not go beyond 9 minutes, and in fact come in at 7 minutes.)

As the series is aired, the broadcast outlets will also have the option of airing the week’s 4 episodes as a bundle during their weekend programming.

The final broadcast of this limited series will be prepared for Thursday, 15 March.

Broadcast outlets will then have the option of airing all 39 episodes during the overnight hours of Friday, 16 March to the Saturday, 17 March.


The writing would begin Friday, 23 December with a brainstorming session that would create the characters and situations leading us to the actual Carnival Day of Saturday, 17 March 2012. Real type characters and real situations would be included in the script as the writers and creators interview and interact with the creators and creative force of the actual Cape Town Carnival.

The Process

As writers create the script from the creative ether and interviews with Carnival participants, the Voice actors will very shortly thereafter record the created script. The Editor will have gathered the soundscape, including the sound effects and sound design elements to mix with the in-studio recorded tracks.

We anticipate once the process begins, the turnaround time from initial creative concept to recording to final mix will be less than 48 hours.

(Ancillary broadcasts / support outlets)

Portions of the creation of, and in-studio recording of, the making of the AudioDrama can be filmed for YouTube as well as CTV broadcasting(s).

Funding comment

While this may seem a very ambitious project for the time allotted, we are very confident in our knowledge this project is entirely possible (doable) as an Audio (radio) Drama in the coming weeks.

If this project is viewed as a pilot for future possibilities --

Next year’s Carnival, an Internet WEB on-going video series, a television series, a feature film, etc

Perhaps monies can be found to fund the project at this moment as an opportunity to experiment in real time under real working pressures. This is a labour intensive approach to a creative process in an emerging re-emergence of a time tested democratic art form – classic radio drama.

Broadcasting Note:

The budget does not reflect broadcast fee request(s) from the various broadcasting outlets.

Outlets to be approached:


CTV (Cape Town Television)



PASS (Pan African Space Station)

Community Radio

UCT Radio (University of Cape Town radio)

BUSH Radio

Radio Atlantis

Radio 786

Radio Zibonele

Radio KC

Radio Namakwaland 

Commercial Radio

Good Hope



Heart FM

Public Radio

Radio Sonder Grens (RSG)


Radio Umhlobo Wenene


There could/should be the possibility of the various broadcast outlets sponsoring transport to a carnival pre-show where we stage a live special session of the AudioDrama.

The live show would feature the actors and musicians who created the series.

The event would also include audience participation during the show (which will be recorded for future broadcast on the outlets involved); gift bags, door prizes, raffles…would be included as incentives for attendance to the event.

Additional Note:

As the writing for the project is developing we will also, at times, use the space in the Democracy Centre at 6 Spin Street to set up writing tables with signs reading: Audio Dramatist @ Work.

This will be a first public marketing of the series as it develops. We would also have actual AudioDrama run-throughs to “hear” the material we are developing.

This would involve having a Township / Cape Flats AudioDrama group come in to the 6 Spin Street space to engage in the process.

The pre-carnival show would take place at the 6 Spin Street location.


To Be Continued

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